Photoreal Lighting, autumn 2016 results.
Peter kolus 06 render
Peter kolus 06 plate
Peter kolus 03 render
Peter kolus 03 plate
Peter kolus 04 render
Peter kolus 04 plate
Peter kolus 05 render
Peter kolus 05 plate
Peter kolus 07 render
Peter kolus 07 plate
Peter kolus 08 render
Peter kolus 08 plate Photoreal Lighting, autumn 2016 results.

This time I would like to present my results of online (8 weeks) course from - Photoreal Lighting with Vadim Turchin.

The main goal was to integrate CGI object into the provided backplate, there were different scenarios for each week, including interior in ambient daylight, artificial night, exterior morning, interior artificial, interior mixed and exterior car scene lighting.

Because of class with Vadim was already full when I wanted to sign up, my personal mentor during the course became Michael Tanzillo who is currently a senior lighting TD at Blue-Sky Studios and who is btw the founder of TD-U school.

Both Vadim video lectures and Mikes notes with video-critique were extremely helpful and I learned a lot from them. If you would like to ask if the course was worth its price, my answer would be - YES. Why? First and foremost they will teach you how to see rather than which button to click. Highly recommend :)

Btw, Nascar car model provided by

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