VEAS 3D Illustrarions
Peter kolus veas int v001
Peter kolus veas int v002
Peter kolus veas int v003
Peter kolus veas int v004
Peter kolus veas ext v001
Peter kolus veas ext v002
Peter kolus veas int blockout

Interior blockout process

Peter kolus veas int texture

Interior generic maps for bumps and screens

Peter kolus veas int wip

Interior random wip images

Peter kolus veas ext blockout

Exterior, blockout process

Making of VEAS 3D Illustrarions

VEAS 3D Illustrarions

A great project for a great client, Good Morning is a creative agency from Olso and they invited me to work on two 3D illustrations for VEAS.

I did care about an entire 3D part, from modeling to the final renders with pre-comp and preparing all the layers needed for a friend of mine, Lukasz Wiktorzak who did a fantastic job with retouching and final color grading.

More artwork
Peter kolus 706060263 640Peter kolus visaro prez a 01Peter kolus robotkuchnia r01 c01 v03 2k